European Society of Veterinary Oncology: Call for abstracts

(29.01.2006) ESVONC Spring Meeting 2006 - Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1st - 2nd April 2006

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Abstract presentations should take 12 minutes plus 3 minutes allowed for questions. The style of the abstract is flexible but preference will be given, in order, to the following:
1. Results of basic research project, a clinical trial or retrospective case series.
2. Preliminary report from on-going research project (basic science or clinical study)
3. Brief review of a specific subject.

The abstract submission should be written in the following format:
Written abstract (and presentation) in English
12 point Times New Roman font; single-spaced with full justification
Top and side margins 2.5 cm
-  One line space  -
List of authors – initials and family name - in bold but not capitals (Presenting author underlined)
Address of institute (normal text)
e-mail of presenting author
-  One line space  -
Abstract text will vary according to type of presentation. The body of the abstract should be NOT MORE THAN 250 WORDS (excludes title, authors, address and references).
-  One line space  -
One or two key references may be given

Abstracts should be submitted as MS Word document together with the cover sheet as e-mail attachments or on a disc.

All accepted abstracts will be published in the Journal of Veterinary and Comparative Oncology.

ESVONC Junior Research Award

Presenting authors under 38 years old will be eligible for consideration for the ESVONC Junior Investigator’s Award BUT their abstract must be in the type: ‘Results of a basic research project, a clinical trial or a retrospective case series’ and must NOT have been published elsewhere.

The written abstract will be subject to review and will be scored by an independent assessor. Their presentation will also be scored for content, delivery and ability to answer questions.

In addition to a citation, the award is to enable the author to present their abstract at the next Veterinary Cancer Society Conference in the USA.

Submit abstracts to:

Download: Abstract Form

European Society of Veterinary Oncology (ESVONC)

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