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Canine hepatobiliary and exocrine pancreatic diseases

Canine hepatobiliary and exocrine pancreatic diseases

Diseases of the liver and pancreas can cause a degree of despair in veterinary practitioners: so much about the causes and treatments of these diseases is poorly understood, and too many cases remain idiopathic - von Penny Watson

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Edra; 1. Edition (10. Juni 2024)

Sprache: Englisch

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This book guides both first and second opinion practitioners through clinical assessments and workups, preventing oversight of potential underlying causes. 

Subsequent sections meticulously delve into pancreatic and liver diseases, encompassing clinical pathology, imaging, biopsy acquisition, cytology, and histology, all expertly elucidated by specialists.

Dr Penny Watson spent 29 years at the Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital, becoming an RCVS and ECVIM Diplomate and recognised specialist in Small Animal Medicine.

She achieved the status of Fellow of the RCVS in 2016. While she recently retired from clinical practice, she remaines engaged in research and lecturing. 

Dr Watson is ECVIM Past President and a former chair of the ECVIM Internal Medicine Diploma examination committee and former Honorary Secretary of BSAVA.

Her research focuses on liver and pancreas disease in dogs and cats, particularly chronic disease and fibrosis and she has published widely in these areas. She was a member of the group which produced the ACVIM Consensus Statement on Canine Chronic hepatitis.

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